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The Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory was first published in 1977 and provided as a hard copy directory to thousands of credit unions throughout the country. It became available on the internet in 1999 at and the last hardcopy was published in 2002. This new update to the website now allows attorneys to create and update their own listings at their convenience.

The Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory is available to banks, credit unions, and all financial institutions worldwide who have a need to find attorneys to deal with creditors' rights. It may also specifically assist attorneys in associating Counsel and receiving referrals of legal matters in all fields of law, particularly those related to creditors' rights.

This publication was certified by the American Bar Association in 1977 prior to the Standing Committee on Law Lists discontinuing the practice of issuing certificates of compliance to publishers of law lists.

Qualification for Listing

The criteria and qualifications for being listed in this Directory does not require that the attorneys listed represent State or Federal Credit Unions but only that attorneys listed are available for representation of Credit Unions or Financial Institutions if referred legal matters.


This publication, including listing of attorneys and information furnished in the Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory including citations and comments concerning legal cases and legal opinions, is designed to provide accurate information in regard to the subject matter covered and the listing of attorneys as listed. Subscribing to the Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory is with the understanding and agreement that publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional advice or professional services. If legal, banking, financial institution, creditor rights or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. No responsibility or liability is accepted by the publisher in furnishing this information to subscribers and/or the general public. All liability of Legal Directory, Inc., or Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory are controlled by the Arbitration agreement entered into by the subscriber to the Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory. The only liability on the part of the publishers for any mistake or error in attorney listings or any matters pertaining to or dealing with the Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory, or in the biographical data published or not published, is limited to the charge paid for the directory or biographical data involved or listing charges and charges for listing of biographical data, whichever is less. Legal Directory, Inc. and/or Legal Directory, Inc. dba Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory, disclaims any responsibility and is not liable or responsible for any comments, advice, information, or comments made by any subscriber on the Legal Directory / Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory. No comments, advice, opinion or other remarks made by any subscriber reflects any opinions of Legal Directory, Inc. or Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory, and Legal Directory, Inc. and/or Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory does not assume or accept any responsibility for any such comments, opinions or remarks.