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Why List?

At times, it is difficult to locate lawyers who are familiar with creditors' rights. The Credit Union Attorneys Legal Directory at has been available to banks, credit unions, and all financial institutions worldwide who have a need to find attorneys to deal with creditors' rights. It may also specifically assist attorneys in associating Counsel and receiving referrals of legal matters in all fields of law, particularly those related to creditors' rights.

In the practice of creditor and financial institutions law, frequently Attorneys, Credit Unions, Banks, and Financial Institutions have need to correspond and refer legal matters to Counsel in distant States and Cities. This is necessitated by the fact customers move from State to State and continue their business transactions with their original financial institution. As a result, various business activities with these customers require attorneys throughout the United States. At times it is quite difficult to locate attorneys who are familiar with creditor rights and financial legal practice. This Legal Directory was created in order to assist attorneys throughout the United States in associating Counsel and referring legal matters in all fields of law, particularly those related to creditors’ rights, financial institutions and credit unions.

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Fast-Growing Market

The credit industry throughout the nation is a fast growing industry with membership and assets continuing to rise each year. There are over 107 million members of more than 6,100 credit unions just in the U.S. and Puerto Rico as of 2016. U.S. Credit Unions had $1.2 Trillion in total assets in 2016 according to the National Credit Union Association. This does not include trillion's of dollars in assets held by banks and other financial institutions. Credit unions, banks and all financial institutions need attorneys to represent them in dealing with their members and customers who move throughout the United States.

Just one referral could more than pay for the cost of listing in the directory. Click Here for all the details and easy step by step instructions to create your account and get listed in the directory.

Qualification for Listing

The criteria and qualifications for being listed in this Directory does not require that the attorneys listed represent State or Federal Credit Unions but only that attorneys listed are available for representation of Credit Unions or Financial Institutions if referred legal matters.